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Customs declaration for returned goods Form: What You Should Know

Complete the statement.  PS Form 2976R — About USPS home, Notice of Allowance, Form DS-160, Form DS-163, Notice of Allowance, and Form DS-164 If you do not use electronic delivery or mail-in service for your goods, you must sign the form (excluding the Declaration of Free Entry of Returned American).  The form must state the name of the customs officer receiving the package and the shipment, the date of entry, type of entry, total amount of goods, container and contents, and address of the agent.  This information must be included in your declaration.  The form must also contain the following information: PS Form 2976-R—Notice of Allowance PS Form 2976-R—Notice of Allowance, Form DS-160 PS Form 2976-R—Notice of Allowance, Form DS-163, Notice of Allowance, and Form DS-164 U.S. Customs Forms, and the corresponding Instructions, are available from the following public sites: PS Form 2926-R — About the Postal Service PS Form 2926R — About the Postal Service, Order form PS Form 2926R — About the Postal Service, Record form, with instructions to print. PS Form 2926R—Notice of Allowance, Form DS-160, Form DS-163, and Form DS-164 Information for Import/Export Services | Homeland Security U.S. Customs Form 3311 (Returned Items) contains information, which must be sent with the shipment, concerning the return of an exported product.  The return of the exportation merchandise can be accomplished either by mail or at a customs' office. Please fill out the Customs Returns, Form 3311, and write down on the form the following information: · The name of the sender · The return address and method of contact for the sender · Identification of the goods and/or the name and address of the customs officer accepting the return (If the goods is not an original or was damaged, this information must be on the Notice of Allowance, Form DS-160, together with the other information as detailed in the Notice of Allowance Form DS-161.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Customs declaration for returned goods

Instructions and Help about Customs declaration for returned goods

Hi, I'm Amy Miller with Specific Customs Brokers USA. Today, my topic is US kids returning American goods, otherwise known as a GR. A GR is a formal declaration for entering goods manufactured in the United States that have been previously exported and are now returning. Now, one can easily assume that it would be a simple process to return goods to the United States. However, a common mistake that importers make when declaring US goods is that they don't actually know where the products were manufactured. They make the assumption that since the product was purchased in the US, it must have been manufactured in the US. This causes major issues with US customs when an importer declares US as the country of origin without proof of where the products were manufactured. US goods returning to the United States are eligible for duty-free treatment. The provision 9800 1.00 point 10 in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule allows US-made products to return to the US without being subject to duty and taxes. However, the provision stipulates that the goods cannot be advanced in value and the condition of the goods improved while abroad. For example, let's say you're an owner of a helicopter manufactured in the United States. The helicopter has electrical problems and you send it to a repair shop in Canada. When the helicopter returns, the value of the repairs may be subject to duty. Another example would be goods purchased from the US by a Canadian company. If they receive their shipment and the goods are refused by the buyer because they did not meet the product specifications, the goods can be returned to the US duty-free if the proper documentation can be supplied to US customs. The most common proof is a manufacturer's affidavit. Like the name...