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Cbp inal entry Form: What You Should Know

S. Dollars in the country of origin. (i) Customs and Border Protection officers may waive certain duties and other fees in connection with the receipt of merchandise.  Note: A waiver of duty is subject to such conditions as customs officials deemed appropriate. For example, an exception may be made on certain goods, or goods that will be imported for purposes other than personal use, subject to the following conditions: (A) Customs officers and certain other agents may waive duty on: (1) non-cash property; (2) articles not listed in paragraph (C) below;  (3) articles that are exempt from duty under the Harmonized System of Value-Added Taxation (see section  3(m), and the provisions set forth in section 3(p) of this chapter; and (4) materials or supplies intended solely for personal household use, or for agricultural, forestry, or horticultural use that are: (A) not imported or imported into the United States for commercial purposes; or (B) imported or imported for non-commercial purposes and will be used exclusively by the recipient for  non-commercial purposes. Note: If you fail to specify the articles in the list of exemption items above, all the articles on the form will not be exempt from duty. If items are removed from the list of exemptions, the waiver of duty you received may not be  valid any longer. Note: The U.S. Customs and Border Protection Service (CBP) may temporarily waive import duties and other charges not related to commercial imports at ports of entry. See part 658, Customs Duties and Fees, of the Harmonized System of Value- Added Taxation and Regulation (HEAR) or the instructions for Form 7501. If you received an import waiver from CBP, the waiver may still be invalid on future entries into the United States. If you do not obtain an import waiver within ten (10) days of your arrival, you must enter the United States again for a re-entry examination. (iii) If you are a permanent resident or citizen of the United States, and no duty exemptions apply under paragraph (b) or (c) below, you must complete and send us the  Form 7501 by mail at: CBP Department of Homeland Security 1210 Washington, D.C.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Cbp informal entry form

Instructions and Help about Cbp informal entry form

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